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RRRC and NBRP-rat Rat repositories

The Rat Research Resource Centre (RRRC) and the National BioResource Project for the Rat in Japan (NBRP-Rat) are commercial repositories and sources of over 650 different strains of rat.

In addition to a searchable repository of different rat strains (from which animals/embryos may be purchased), these sites also contain many other useful resources including a database of the phenotypic physiological and behavioural characteristics of all commonly used rat strains and many mutant lines; a charting tool which displays the genetic relationships between laboratory standard and mutant strains; information on in-bred strain characteristics, a rat mutant map mapping mutation to phenotype and information on rat reproductive technologies.

Copyright of these resources is retained by the respective organisations.

These resources will be of benefit to researchers seeking phenotypic information on different strains (normal, in-bred and GM) of rats or seeking to purchase particular strains. They will also be of use to animal care staff.

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