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Extended Welfare Assessment Grid

The Extended Welfare Assessment Grid is a matrix or methodology for assessing welfare and cumulative suffering in laboratory animals.

This tool combines user assessments of an animals clinical condition or well-being, experimental clinical events, behavioural deviations and environment into a matrix to provide a visual representation of an animals welfare. Comparisons over time, or before, during and after a procedure can highlight +ve or -ve impacts on the animal and intervention as necessary.

This resource was developed by Dr Honess & Prof Wolfensohn (Univ of Oxford & Univ of Surrey, UK). It is published in: Honess & Wolfensohn (2010) ATLA 38: 205-212. The article is available free of charge by registering on the ALTA website. Copyright is retained by the journal.

This tool with be of use to researchers, particularly those undertaking long-term studies, and to ethical review bodies.

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