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Alternative research methods and techniques


EUROECOTOX database of bioassays is a database of alternative and standard assays in ecotoxicological testing.

The resource comprises of searcheable information on alternative bioassays or methodologies where at least one R has been met, with a link to the standard assay counterpart. It also contains a list of standard assays with a link to any alternative assay counterpart.

It was developed by the European Network for Alternative Testing Strategies in Ecotoxicology (EUROECOTOX). There is no information on copyright restrictions.

This resource will be of use to researchers who seek information on the development, testing, application, and validation of alternatives to the use of animals in ecotoxicology testing or in undergraduate education.

Undergraduate and Taught Masters Research Animal Sciences curricula

This resource could be used in the delivery of the following Learning Outcome:

  • How predictive models (e.g. in silico) can complement and sometimes replace the use of research animals

This searchable database will provide examples of non-animal alternatives for inclusion in appropriate lectures or other teaching sessions

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