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Translational Training Tools

Translational Training Tools; The 3Ts Serving the 3Rs are inexpensive, home-made, non-animal training tools and techniques for teaching non-surgical and surgical procedures

This resource provides guidance on how to make inexpensive tools and non-animal models or dummies which can be used to provide training and hands-on practical experience of non-surgical and surgical procedures including animal handling, injection techniques and venepuncture. For each procedure, there is a description of the learning outcomes and details of how to construct and use the training tool or model.

It was developed by Dr’s Williams, Mooneyhan and Peterson from the Cornell University Centre for Animal Resources and Education (USA). Copyright is retained by the authors.

Translational Training Tools can be used by educators to provide hands-on practical training in non-surgical and surgical procedures for students, researchers new to research involving animals or experienced researchers wishing to learn new procedures. It should not replace training using live animals but be used beforehand to enable trainees to learn these key skills prior to practice in live animals.

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