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Experimental and statistical design


European Mouse Phenotyping Resource of Standardised Screens is a database of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that can be utilised to describe the phenotype of a mouse.

It contains a collection of comprehensive SOPs (including notes, equipment required and protocols) covering all the main body systems ( These can be performed as individual tests or grouped together in sequences or pipelines (, to give more information on particular phenotype.

EMPReSS developed by the EUMORPHIA consortium (, a grouping of 18 research institutes in 8 European countries who are experts in the field of mouse functional genomics and phenotyping. There are no copyright restrictions regarding the use of this resource. Individual SOPs can be printed off as PDF files.

This resource will be of benefit both to researchers who seek to phenotype new GM animals and those wish to use the SOPs as the basis for their own, discipline-specific research protocols.

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