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Alternative research methods and techniques


Go3R is a knowledge-based or 'semantic' search engine for alternative methods to animal experiments. Users are able to search PubMed, TOXNET or the World Wide Web using a Google search with automatic higher ranking of 3Rs relevant websites. Searches are presented to the user alongside a dynamic table of contents which highlights 3Rs information, allowing the quick and easy selections of relevant documents.

This resources was developed by Transinsight GmbH, in partnership with ZEBET, the National German Centre for the Documentation and Evaluation of Alternatives to Testing in Animals at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) Berlin, and the scientific consultancy, Animal Welfare, Neubiberg. Copyright of the search engine is retained by Transinsight GmbH. It is free to use for non-commercial use.

Go3R is of use to researchers, those involved in project planning and design, and members of ethical review bodies seeking information on alternative techniques and strategies to the use of research animals. Whilst it covers all areas of alternatives to animal testing, it has a specific focus towards alternatives in regulatory toxicity testing.

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