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EURL ECVAM Search Guide

The EURL ECVAM Search Guide provides guidance on how to undertake a comprehensive search for high quality information on alternatives to the use of animals in research. It includes an inventory of relevant resources, a check list to allow users to undertake searches in a structured and systematic manner, search principles, information on how to document searches, suggested search terms etc.

This handbook was developed by the European Commission Institute for Health and Consumer Protection of the Joint Research Centre on behalf of the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM). It is available as a hard-copy or downloadable as a PDF or as a e-version. Copyright is retained by the European Union.

The resource is of use to by researchers, those involved in project planning and design, and members of ethical review bodies, in particular, individuals with limited experience of database use or the construction of systematic 3Rs reviews, to ensure that all possible alternatives have been considered before conducting animal experiments.

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