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Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia for Minor Procedures

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia for Minor Procedures is an online e-learning resource which provides, through the use of scenario-based case studies, education and training in best practice in anaesthesia for minor procedures. Time to complete this resource is 70 minutes. The materials enable training to be provided to meet the learning objectives of EU Module 20 (Anaesthesia for Minor Procedures). A version that permits tracking of user completion is available at FLAIR e-learning.

This resource was developed by Professor Paul Flecknell and his team at Newcastle University (UK) and funded by the UK National Centre for the 3Rs. Copyright is retained by Newcastle University.

It is suitable for use as a basic introduction, refresher course or to provide more specific training for continued professional development. It can be used by researchers, technicians and those developing and running courses for staff involved in in vivo research.

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