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Undergraduate and Taught Masters Curriculum

Undergraduate & Taught Masters Curriculum

These curricula provide core learning outcomes for undergraduate and taught masters education in research animal sciences. To facilitate educator delivery, individual learning outcomes are hyperlinked to educational resources on ETRIS where these are available (including suggested modes of delivery)

The curricula are applicable to ALL degree programmes where students are expected to analyse literature and/or data that have been generated from studies involving research animals. The core curriculum does not require the use of research animals, but provides knowledge and understanding. The experiential learning outcomes provides the opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience. An online version of the curricula are available.

These curricula are aspirational, it is not expected that educators teach all Learning Outcomes, different courses or disciplines will have different requirements.

They were developed in a project led by the British Pharmacological Society, which drew on the expertise of 34 stakeholders (core) and 29 stakeholders (experiential) with educational, research, welfare, industrial and regulatory experience. The BPS project team included Dr's Dave Lewis (University of Leeds), Mike Collis, Manasi Nandi (KCL) and Anna Zecharia.

The curricula have been endorsed by over 30 national and international Learned Societies, Animal welfare organisations, Industry and Universities.

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