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Guiding Principles for the New Named Persons

Guiding Principles for the New Named Persons provides guidance for individuals with legal responsibilities under the UK Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act (A(SP)A) as to their roles and responsibilities.

The resource provides guidance for Named Training and Competency Officers (NTCO), Named Information Officers (NIO) and Home Office Liaison Contacts (HOLC).

It was developed by the Education and Training of the (UK) Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA), the Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association (LAVA) and the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT). Copyright is retained by these organisations.

The resources will be of benefit to individuals with responsibilities under or related to A(SP)A. It will also assist others such as the Establishment Licence Holder, AWERB members, Named Persons, managers etc. to understand the role of the NTCO, NIO and HOLC and therefore how they can assist the individuals performing these functions. Similar roles and responsibilities exist in other legislations and therefore it will also be of benefit to colleagues outside of the UK with similar roles working under their own national animal welfare legislation.

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