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Humane Methods of Killing Laboratory Animals

Humane Methods of Killing Laboratory Animals is an online e-learning module which provides information on the principles of humane killing (what constitutes ‘a good death’), the legal requirements, and the methods available for mice and rats. Future releases will include methods for other species.

This resource is designed to meet the learning objectives of EU Module 6.1 “Humane methods of killing (theory)” and EU Module 6.3 (individuals only involved in the humane killing of animals). It also contains videos demonstrating methods of humane killing permitted under the United Kingdom Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act and the European Union Animal welfare Directive 2010/63/EU.

The resource was developed by Professor Paul Flecknell and colleagues at Newcastle University (UK) in partnership with the UK National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs). Copyright is retained by the developers. It is also available at Flaire e-learning, access via this linked site enables the free tracking of user progress.

It is designed for use in the education and training of new researchers as an introduction to the topic, a refresher course for more experienced researchers, or for more specific training necessary for continuing professional development. It can be used either as a supplement to, or replacement for, face-to-face education and training.

Undergraduate and Taught Masters Research Animal Sciences curricula

This resource could be used in the delivery of the following Learning Outcome:

  • The existence of recognised methods for the humane killing of research animals

This resource could be used without modification, either as part of a teaching session or separately as student self-directed learning

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