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Efficient Breeding of Genetically Altered Animals

Efficient Breeding of Genetically Altered Animals is an assessment framework to assist institutions when considering the efficiency with which they breed genetically altered (GA) animals and the application of the 3Rs to these processes.

It provides background information on areas to focus attention such as archiving, colony management, sharing animals, questions to ask and examples of acceptable findings, as well as guidance on mechanisms to measure and monitor progress.

The Framework was developed by the United Kingdom Government's Animals in Science Research Unit (ASRU) in consultation with Industry, Academia and animal welfare organisations. Copyright is retained by the UK Government.

This assessment framework will be of use to Animal Ethics Committee's when considering or advising on the application of the 3Rs within GAA facilities at their Institution, to animal facility managers and research group leaders. It was designed around the breeding of GA mice, although the principles can be applied to many species.

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