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Good practice guide to the administration of substances/removal of blood

Good practice guide to the administration of substances and removal of blood is a published journal article which provides information on routes, volumes and other considerations for the administration of substances or withdrawal of blood.

Use of this guide will provide researchers with up-to-date, easy-to-use set data sheets, facilitating experimental design whilst at the same time affording maximum welfare considerations to the experimental animals. The majority of data has been drawn from peer-reviewed publications.

The guide is the result of an initiative between the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries Associations (EFPIA) and the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM); its authors experts in their field. It is published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology (2001) 21: 15-23. Copyright is retained by the journal.

This guide will be of use to those involved in the design of studies involving laboratory animals, and animal ethics committee members when reviewed protocol.

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