ETRIS: Education & Training Resources in In-Vivo Sciences

Alternative (non-animal) education and training resources


NORINA is a database of audiovisual aids that may be used as alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in education and training.

It is an extensive database, containing information on over 3,500 non-animal education and training audiovisual resources, including alternatives to dissections. It includes resources for use in both high schools and universities, some of which are either free or available on loan (all terms searchable). Individual resources can be searched for and located either via NORINA or the linked search engine Norecopa.

NORINA was created and developed by Karina Smith at the Laboratory Animal Unit at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. It was was taken over by Norecopa in 2011. Copyright is retained by the developers.

These resources will be of use to all those involved in education and training in laboratory animal sciences, whether to high school or university students.

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