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Animals Containing Human Materials

Guidance on the use of Human Material in Animals provides guidance on the use, in the UK, of laboratory animals containing human materials.

The document provides background information on the relevant UK legislation; a classification scheme for such research; guidance on the various regulatory pathways for different types of research involving the use of human materials in animals in the UK.

Users may also wish to read the UK Academy of Medical Sciences report "Animals containing human material" which considered research involving the introduction of human DNA sequences into animals, or the mixing of human and animal cells or tissues, creating entities which are termed "animals containing human material" (ACHM).

This guidance was a collaboration between the Animals in Science Regulatory Unit, the Human Tissue Authority, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and the Academy of Medical Sciences (All UK organisations). Copyright is retained by the UK Government.

This guidance will be of use to researchers or those involved in the regulation of laboratory animal research.

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