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Experimental and statistical design

Experimental Design Assistant

The Experimental Design Assistant (EDA) is an online tool to guide researchers through the design of their animal experiments.

EDA enables users to design experiments on line, as a diagram, considering key elements of the design process in turn e.g. the experiment itself, independent variables, group and sample size, the "experimental unit", measurements and analysis. Links are provided to external resources to facilitate and inform the design process. Following the development of the initial design, a "critique" function provides feedback and advice which can then be utilised by users to improve their experimental plan. It also provides advice on which statistical test to use as well as links to the software for running the tests.

EDA is also available as an App.

This resource was developed by the (UK) National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs). Copyright is retained by the NC3Rs.

It will be of benefit to all researchers involved in animal research. It could also be utilised in the education and training of students, researchers, or for continued professional development.

Undergraduate and Taught Masters Research Animal Sciences curricula

This resource could be used in the delivery of the following Learning Outcome:

  • The importance of good experimental design

This resource could be used, either as a group learning or self-directed learning exercise, to provide education and experience of experimental design. Students would need to be provided with an appropriate case study or research question

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