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Lay Members Handbook

Lay Members Handbook: A resource book for lay members of ethical review and similar bodies worldwide provides guidance for lay members on their individual role, the aims, tasks and wider role of ethical review bodies, and advice on the review of project applications. For UK readers, the book complements the RSPCA/LASA Guiding principles on good practice for Ethical Review Processes (2015), which discuss the functions of UK Animal Welfare Ethical Review Bodies (AWERBs) and EU Animal Welfare Bodies (AWBs) in more detail.

This Handbook was written by Dr Maggie Jenkins, the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and Dr Jane Smith, with contributions from colleagues. Copyright is retained by the RSPCA

This resource is of use to all members of animal welfare and ethical review bodies worldwide, in particular, lay members or colleagues interested in establishing such bodies.

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